About Warwick Dental

From aesthetic enhancements to full mouth rehabilitation, our team at Warwick Dental is equipped with the skill and work ethic to ensure your mouth keeps smiling bright, healthy, and shiny for years to come! Our staff is always working diligently to learn new techniques and acquire innovative technologies to service your amazing smile and offer you the marvelous Warwick Experience.


Warwick Dental provides its patients with a full array of options for brightening your smile. Our aesthetic enhancements range from bonding to implants, allowing you to improve or customize your teeth however you may choose. Our goal is to make sure your mouth looks perfect, without compromising your oral utility, all while retaining a natural appearance.

We also offer teeth whitening treatments, which can either be performed in the office or by yourself using our take-home kits. Results are typically seen within 1 to 2 weeks by our take-home kits, and within a few days if done in-office!

Our clear aligners are a great alternative to the traditional braces route. You’ll be able to experience the pros of braces in that your teeth will straighten over time, without the cons of dealing with the bulkiness and frustrations metallic braces.

Porcelain veneers are a viable option for patients who want to improve the appearance of their smile but don’t want to go through the process of whitening. Veneers are applied to individual teeth to transform their look instantly. You’ll only need them applied to the teeth exposed when smiling, so teeth such as your canines won’t need this treatment, saving you a few extra bucks.


With our comprehensive diagnostic and periodontal assessment, we’ll be able to diagnose your overall oral health and precisely analyze any oral ailments from which you may be suffering. Your personalized comprehensive diagnostic will reveal any issues you may have with your teeth, gums, jawbone, and facial physique. If you opt-in for the periodontal assessment, the presence of any oral illnesses, along with periodontal disease, will be found. From there, the best course of action will be offered to get your oral health back on track.



Essentially, crowns are used to protect a tooth from any further damage and safeguard it from cavities and other like maladies. They are also used for cosmetic purposes, as well. Overlaid the existing tooth, crowns are a fixed, ceramic prosthetic made specifically to mimic your damaged tooth and prevent further oral health hazards. 

Fixed bridges are used to replace missing teeth. They are an aesthetic additive that improves the overall appearance of your mouth, also improving self-confidence. Missing teeth can result in biting harder to compensate for the lost tooth, or teeth, and may damage the surface of other teeth as well. Fixed bridges are a permanent solution to inhibit inadvertent damage and keep your smile looking happy and healthy.


A quick and affordable, but more temporary solution to veneers, is composite bonding. Covering the surface of a cracked or damaged tooth, composite bonding will act as a barrier and filler for marred teeth. 

We make sure to prove the top-of-the-line implants at Warwick Dental. We understand it’s important to show off your pearly whites with pride, and our goal is to always leave you smiling. Preventing gum disease and damage to jaw joints, prostheses will never let you down.


With new and less invasive procedures, our laser treatments offer the best tissue removal, teeth whitening, and periodontal treatments in the industry. We are always making efforts to keep up with the latest laser treatment methods to give you the best possible experience.

Performing a full-mouth rehabilitation is not a simple task by any means, so you’ll want the best-of-the-best working diligently to give you the optimal results. Beginning with an all-inclusive examination beforehand, once our doctors begin the multiple procedures needed to rehabilitate your teeth and gums, they’ll ensure symptoms such as jaw pain, headaches, tooth decay, trauma, and or erosion have been reduced or eradicated entirely, encouraging a cheerful smile.

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