Composite Bonding in Oklahoma City

A Minor Procedure For A Minor Flaw.

Have a chipped or cracked tooth? It’s an easier fix than you may think. We can perform a one-time minimally invasive in-office procedure to eliminate your chipped or cracked tooth, called composite bonding. A composite bonding procedure involves the application of tooth-colored composite materials to the surface of your tooth. While composite bonding is a faster solution than veneers or other alternatives, it has a shorter lifespan. As opposed to a permanent fix, bonding lasts up to a few years. You will be instructed on the best oral precautions to take in order to extend the lifetime of the bonding such as avoiding chewing on materials that could deteriorate the composite. If you’re looking for a simple smile makeover, composite bonding might be right for you. Contact us to schedule an oral examination.


  • Repair chips or cracks
  • Mask discoloration
  • Eliminate gaps
  • Alter shape
  • Fill a cavity