Fixed Bridges in Oklahoma City

Restore Your Smile.​

Let us help you to smile with pride — life is too short to hide your happiness. We’re here to specialize in advanced restorative dentistry and offer options to permanently improve your smile. Dental bridges, similar to crowns, are fixed prosthetics to cover broken teeth; however, unlike crowns, they can be used to bridge the gap between one or more missing teeth. Bridges serve as space fillers which help prevent shifting caused by empty spaces and allow for more comfortability while talking, eating, and drinking. In addition to functional solutions, bridges improve your oral appearance to make a fuller, healthier smile. Temporary solutions, such as dentures can lead to slumping of the face. Bridges help to maintain your jaw joints and therefore allow you to preserve your facial structure. Based on the position and function of your missing tooth/teeth, we can recommend the best materials to be used for your bridge which include porcelain and ceramic, which will allow us to create a natural looking smile or metal which will make for a stronger smile. If you desire both a visually pleasing appearance and strength, we recommend bridges made from ceramic bonded to a metal alloy.


Before installing a bridge, if any of your teeth remain, we will perform a procedure to reduce the size of the remaining teeth in order for the bridge to fit over them appropriately. If no teeth remain, a small screw will be implanted to hold the bridge in place. Once installed, the bridge will function just like permanent teeth, with minor restrictions to ensure its longevity. We will instruct you on how to care for your bridges and maintain optimal oral hygiene. If you believe that fixed bridges are right for you, give us a call today.