Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Your Oral Health Can Affect Your Overall Health.​

Your smile is an investment. Not only is great dental health and appearance good for your physical well-being, but it also can help give the best first impression. Have you experienced discomfort while laughing or smiling? If so, a full mouth rehabilitation procedure may be right for you. Dr David Lawrence performs these dental rehabilitation procedures at his Oklahoma City, OK, office and has an history of producing wonderful smiles for his patients. Full mouth rehabilitation is an extensive process that can involve restoring all of your teeth in order to create a complete solution for patients wanting to improve a less than perfect smile. Because Dr. Lawrence has extensive experience in his craft, he can be trusted to deliver the most comprehensive and attractive results.


Full mouth rehabilitation can be a very complex process as the problems it is addressing are highly varied, utilizing a large variety of dental procedures. Each patient is different, and the services needed varies from patient to patient. Solutions used can involve dental implants, porcelain crowns, dentures, porcelain veneers, bonding, fillings, or dental bridges. The best solution is one that will give the patient the strongest and healthiest teeth in the least invasive way. To learn more, set up a consultation with Dr. Lawrence and learn the best solutions for your own needs.


Because a major dental procedure like full mouth rehabilitation involves an extensive set of services, you should be as educated as possible about any potential risks and requirements for the procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Lawrence will do a comprehensive examination and will review your options in greater detail. Full mouth rehabilitation treats many dental conditions. Generally, patients who elect to have this service need to repair severe damage to their teeth. If you are experiencing any number or combination of the following issues, you may be a candidate for full mouth rehabilitation: Tooth Decay: When plaque builds up, tooth decay becomes a serious threat to the overall health of the teeth. It can result in cavities, but if left unattended, it can lead to the loss of the tooth loss or deeper infection. Teeth that are missing or broken: Patients who have lost one or more of their teeth can benefit from full rehabilitation. Decay, disease, or accidents can cause missing teeth, and there are a many ways of replacing missing teeth through full mouth rehabilitation. For teeth that are broken, but not missing, services such as dental crowns can restore a tooth to its original appearance and use. For missing teeth, a dental implant procedure can replace the missing tooth root, as well as anchor bridges and dentures in place. Severely damaged due to erosion or teeth grinding: If you suffer from headaches, jaw, or muscle pain, you may require equilibration to your bite. Tooth Misalignment: Teeth alignment is most often corrected with some kind of orthodontics, but minor adjustments can be made through services used in full mouth rehabilitation. Veneers can make the teeth appear straighter, while dental crowns can be used to correct a patient’s bite.


The benefits of having strong and fully functional teeth are invaluable. It boosts your health and confidence, and rehabilitation gives patients the ability to talk, smile, and simply enjoy food without pain or embarrassment. A few advantages our patients receive from undergoing full mouth rehabilitation are: Healthy teeth and gums: Replacing lost or damaged teeth is an excellent way to aid your overall health. It adds to the efficiency with which you chew, allows proper usage of jaw muscles, and increases dental hygiene. It also can prevent more infection and disease, while keeping your other teeth in place and in proper alignment. Problems in your mouth can lead to more health problems when left untreated, and this procedure can stop the dental health spiral. A booster to your confidence: How much confidence you gain after knowing you have a beautiful, improved smile. Your friends and family will notice the aesthetic improvement from a full mouth rehabilitation, but, more importantly, you’ll feel better. Family pictures will no longer be embarrassing! Health benefits: Not everyone realizes just how much our mouth can effect the rest of our body’s health. Full mouth rehabilitation can be linked to improvements in sleep, reduce headache pain, and even reduce the risk of heart disease. Even bad breath is much easier to manage with a healthy mouth.


If you and Dr. Lawrence decide that Full Mouth Rehabilitation is right for you, he will do a full and comprehensive examination your mouth to determine which combination of services and procedures will set you up for the successful result you want. He will assess the condition of your teeth, noting where you have any decay or cavities, heavy wear and tear, or cracks to determine if dental implants, crowns, or dental bridges will be needed for your treatment plan. If your gums are unhealthy, treatment for periodontal diseases may be necessary. Your gums will also be inspected for irregularities such as deep pockets. If you are unable to close your mouth or chew without causing harsh and tear wear on your teeth, or experiencing pain or discomfort, you may need to orthodontic care before additional rehabilitative work can be completed. The way your lips, teeth, and mouth appear as a whole is one of the greatest rewards of mouth rehabilitation. The size as well as the shape and color of your teeth are all important factors in your comprehensive treatment.


Full Mouth Rehabilitation is different from a smile makeover because it is done for the dental health needs of the patient.  A smile makeover is typically done for purely cosmetic reasons. Besides enhancing the appearance of your teeth, a full mouth rehabilitation is completed to enhance your teeth’s function and overall health, while improving durability.

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