Patient Information

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff meet patients of all ages with advanced, comprehensive care using tools that are more accurate and less invasive than ever before. We treat you as our guest and strive to make your time in our office as pleasant as possible. We offer minimal to moderate (conscious) sedation to help patients relax and feel comfortable during procedures.


During your initial appointment, all of your questions and concerns will be heard, understood, and accommodated. We will discuss your dental and medical history, the purpose of your visit, and your desired dental treatment. We will then perform a full dental examination. After this initial exam, you may be scheduled for a one-hour consultation with Dr. Lawrence, AFAAID who will share potential treatment options and recommendations. Finally, we will outline the recommended sequence of treatment and any costs associated.


To streamline the insurance billing process, we will provide you detailed information regarding your care and financial investment prior to any treatment. Payment is collected at the time of service, and, as a courtesy to our patients, we will submit insurance claims on your behalf.