Sinus Lift

Sinus lifts are a safe, effective procedure that can restore bone loss and allow for the proper placement of dental implants.

Sinus Lifts in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A sinus lift is a surgical procedure that adds bone to the upper jaw in the area of the molars and premolars. Sinus lifts are commonly done to make it possible to place dental implants. The procedure involves adding bone between the jaw and the maxillary sinuses, which are located on either side of the nose.

  • How is a sinus lift done?

    Sinus lifts, or sinus augmentations, are performed by making incisions in the gums of the mouth, above the upper arch of teeth, and below the nose. With the bone beneath the gums exposed a small amount of bone is cut out. Then bone graft material is placed into the hole to help generate bone growth.

  • Are sinus lifts painful?

    Sinus lifts involve little or no pain during the procedure because local and often even general dental sedation is used. Using a combination of over-the-counter pain medication and ice packs is generally enough to manage pain after the procedure.

  • Does a sinus lift change your facial appearance?

    Facial appearance can change after having a sinus lift. This change if it occurs is for the better as it means that bone mass has been restored. If you’re a candidate for a sinus lift it means you have experienced bone loss which can often result in a sunken look on the face.

Questions About Sinus Lift?

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